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Business Segments 

IDMS currently operates in 3 core business segments (medical, industrial & raw materials), operating in multiple business segments helps provide several advantages, including the adoption of best practices and increased cost-effectiveness. 


Best Practices Adoption:


By operating in different business segments, IDMS has the opportunity to observe and learn from best practices across a wider range of industries. Each segment may have its own set of successful strategies, processes, and operational efficiencies. By leveraging these insights, our company can implement the most effective practices from each segment and apply them to enhance overall operations.




Operating in multiple business segments offers flexibility in adapting to changing market conditions or economic fluctuations. If one segment experiences a downturn, other segments can potentially offset the impact and maintain overall stability. This flexibility allows our company to diversify revenue streams and reduce dependence on a single segment, reducing vulnerability to market volatility.



Operating in multiple segments enables IDMS to achieve cost efficiencies and economies of scale. Shared resources, such as administrative functions, infrastructure, or production facilities, can be leveraged across segments, reducing duplication of efforts and costs. This consolidation of resources can lead to lower operating expenses and improved cost-effectiveness.

Risk Mitigation:


Operating in different segments helps mitigate risks associated with specific industries. If one segment faces challenges, such as regulatory changes or economic downturns, the impact on the overall business is reduced due to the diversification of operations. This risk mitigation strategy enhances the resilience of your company and provides a more stable financial performance.

Innovation and Cross-Segment Synergies:


Operating in multiple business segments facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge, and innovations. Insights gained from one segment can inspire new ideas and approaches in other segments. This cross-segment collaboration can lead to synergies and the development of unique solutions or products that benefit the entire company.

It's important to note that operating in multiple business segments also presents challenges, such as managing different customer bases, industry-specific regulations, and the need for specialized expertise in each segment. Effective coordination, communication, and strategic alignment across segments are crucial to maximize the benefits of this business approach.

Overall, operating in multiple business segments can provide IDMS with a broader perspective, improved cost-effectiveness, and the ability to leverage best practices from different industries. It allows for flexibility, risk mitigation, and opportunities for innovation, positioning your company for long-term success.

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